Our GameTest Series!

Gametest2; at the end of development is hoping to be a first/thridperson shooter action adventure game.

  • It is currently in the early stages and has only been in development for a couple of weeks.
  • Concept/test versions will be posted here ready to download.
  • Updates do not come on a regular schedule and will not be released until they are ready. 

Gametest2; is now at the end of development. It has taken a month to make and is the first proper project I have finished. I'm looking forward to making future games. They will be built in a different game engine then blender; most likely Leadwerk's since it uses lua, that is easy to learn and master. So stay tuned there is plenty more to come over the coming months. I also might post a test I made in game maker studio at some point.

Select a version

Version 2.31
The first patch for the game.
Changes in the patch include.
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible block attached to the player, caused the rubix cube to go flying in a unwanted direction.
  • Fixed a problem where if the rubix cube was picked up at a certain angle, it could not be dropped.
  • Added a restart game button. (F4)
link: https://mega.nz/#!EZQHEYqL!HsGDsyLn6xjfqQ9qaRAUC3X7pbodcN0SoYyzh59ta8o 

Version 2.3
This is the first version to be released to the public.
Changes from version 2.2 include.
  • Opening and closing doors added.
  • Pickup-able items added 
  • Sounds for opening, closing, locked, and unlocking the door added. 
  • Sounds for picking up and dropping the rubix cube added.
  • Character physics and collision improved.
  • Blocks to aid the climbing of hills added.
  • DF Logo added to inside the house.
link: https://mega.nz/#!FdJw3KZT!MTEw1135JZ8LKUld8SeP8BbrL2XPRVKnNt7lQE2quZw

Version 2.4
The first major update to be released to the public.
Changes from version 2.31 include.
  • Fixed a known issue where you could only pick up the key by standing on the top part of it.
You can now pick up the key by being near it, or by standing anywhere on it and pressing E. 
  • Added a door unlock/lock system.
You can now lock the door when it's closed by pressing L. Pressing L again will unlock the door.
  • Added a lock sound.
  • Added a HUD system.
The HUD system tells you if you have the key collected, if you are currently carrying the rubix cube, and if the door is locked or unlocked.
The door being locked or unlocked is shown by the key icon having two different colours.  
Yellow meaning it's unlocked and black meaning it's locked.
The HUD works in both first-person and third-person. 
Updates will be coming out at a slower rate from now on. 
New plans and features are going to take a longer amount of time to implement.   
link: https://mega.nz/#!RI4UGbhb!0GVefrfw9E8WMzEFs05epLn9GL29ADHEHL0NSbS7Fnc

Version 2.45
 A small update that improves the graphics and adds more polish.
Changes from version 2.4 include.
  • First person camera can no longer go through walls.
  • Added a feature where if the third person camera collides with anything, it will go into first person view.
The solution to stop the third person camera going through objects is not perfect by any means. However a fully functional third person camera system is in development.
  • Added proper shadows to both indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • HUD can no longer go through walls.
link: https://mega.nz/#!YNIFDJDL!QWfR66C-49qacojdM2D3pMlOa59Rr39edUw77-qedzs

Version 2.451
Interior graphics improvement.
Changes from version 2.45 include.
  • Added a lamp to inside the house
  • Improved the lighting inside the house.

Version 2.92
The last version of the game with many new features.
Changes from version 2.451 include.
  • Added a gun that can shoot two types of bullets. gold bullets, that can kill enemies, and blue bullets, that destroy what you have created with the creation block.
  • Added the creation block. You can place 3 different types of brick, and place enemies with it. You can also move it around and build what ever you want! You can hide the gun to help you see better when your building.
  • Added enemies, that shoot bullets and move side to side causing a nice bullet spread effect. Enemies are an obstacle. They themselves and their bullets can kill you.
  • Added some new boxes at the back of the house, to make sure you could not shoot some enemies at a certain angle.
  • The mountain with the army of enemies is now called Death Mountain. This is where the creation block is located.
  • Added a character model. It has no animations (That I spent a week of development on but decided to scrap it.) but is better than a block.
  • Added the creation block to the HUD. When you have it picked up it shows a green box, and when you don't have it picked up it shows nothing.
  • Added mouse movement. The arrow keys and some other keys are now used to control the creation block.
  • Improved instructions.
  • You now have to be colliding with the rubix cube and key to pick them u; instead of being near them. (individually not both.)
  • Changed the sky-box system.
  • Added a sprinting system.
  • Changed default walk speed.