introducing Her! Woke Studios first public game to be developed! Created in Unity, created with passion and with every small detail taken into consideration. 

What is her?

Her is a horror game published by Woke Studios. you find yourself in a so-called abandoned house... but you find you're not alone, something lurks in the background, and it's definitely not normal... You must escape the house, and escape what you can only refer to as... Her.


You'll find yourself set in a 70's style house, worn in some places, but a place that holds character. This once beautiful abode has been occupied by something dark and indescribable... Instead of admiring the beauty of the house, you'll be gasping at the doors to get out!

game mechanics

It's pretty straightforward, you escape. Don't stop for one moment, look for clues to find a way out of the "mysteriously" locked front door that you found when initially trying to leave the house. It's your job to escape, and not even a job, for the sake of your life! Get Out!


We can't say, Woke Studios is committed to ensuring all our games are bug-free to the highest extent, we'll sit for days ensuring the final result is its best! So while there may be a long wait, you won't regret it! :)


Recommended for best gameplay. 

CPU: Ryzen Series or 6th Gen Intel CPU (i5, i7)

GPU: GTX 1060 or better

RAM: 16gb for optimal gameplay

Minimum Requirements.

CPU: AMD FX-6300 or 2nd gen Intel Core CPU (i5, i7)

GPU: 1050ti



Note: The game may run on even slower systems, we're not too sure, however, It may vary. The game does have adjustable graphics settings which may help.