Dylan Hayes

President and Chief Executive Officer

“We strive our focus on perfection and detail. Our aim is to deliver a browser that is unique whilst retaining speed.”


I’m a Software Developer with over 6 years experience in self-taught programming. I started out as an eager Junior Designer inspired by bigger names such as Alan Sugar, Bill Gates and Micheal Dell. I worked hard and with dedication, I eventually got my business going.  I even got to create software for companies that requested a homemade program – brilliant! But it’s not all work and no play, working in software design means I’ve made friends with they're own specialities and unique abilities. I hope to share my adventures creating software on this website


As a Software Designer, I’m responsible for creating all DylNET's software – from designing dynamic animation to creating programs that deliver. It’s down to me to execute it beautifully, yet swiftly, and to get it on DylNET as fast as possible. I’ve been lucky enough to work with loyal partner DFSoftware, which focus on the gaming side of things. Working in Software Design has meant I’ve engaged with some of the most enthusiastic people I have met. Feel free to contact me for any questions about my role.