This is Veaero

Veaero dramatically improves the most important aspects of your browser experience. It introduces advanced new graphical capabilities and a much faster browser. The best performance from any of browser we have released. More features. The brightest, most colorful DylNET Browser we have ever created. This is DylNET Veaero

Veaero will bring a new stage to how you previously used DylNET's Softwares. We are aiming for Veaero to be a browser loved by any user! 



Some great features expected to be included:


4 Colour Options!


CrystalView Technology 2.0

Improved Web Browser!

New DylPaint and DylWord!

More things in one menu!

Cross-Compatible with Concordia S Applications!

Less bugs, more action!

Smart Key's



CrystalView Technology 2.0

Veaero brings CrystalView 2.0 which gives you a much cleaner feel as well as animation. CrystalView 2.0 is far superior to 1.0, it has a much noticeable difference compared to it's predecessor. The goal of CrystalView is to allow the extremely crisp display of text and images, allowing computer screens to rival the smooth curves and sharpness of printed text and immediacy of photographic prints, while avoiding previous compromises such as fonts specially-designed to render well onscreen.

Redesigned Web Browser

Veaero's Web Browser
Veaero's Web Browser

Veaero Web Browser Control Panel
Veaero Web Browser Control Panel

Veaero's Web Browser
Veaero's Web Browser


We have designed a browser that is fast, reliable, and simply beautiful. Due to our clients liking Galactica's browser, we have created a similar browser that is far better than any browser we have ever created.

Dylstore intergration

Like our previously released browser Concordia S, we have also intergrated DylStore into Veaero. DylStore allows you to download exclusive software created by us. One of the best parts is any software put on DylStore is 100% compatible with any browser that supports it.

The Browser that's Alive