DylNET V8 Mini

Small but mighty! ​​
  • Now with CrystalView Technology!
  • More features than ever!
  • Our fastest browser yet!
Different, but better!

Introducing DylNET V8 Mini, a browser with just as much functionality as our flagship but in a smaller form factor that's hugely reduced in file size! We have now optimized our 8 series architecture which will allow the V8 Mini to run without lag or slowdowns! It is also our first Mini series browser ever to utilize our Pixel upscaling technology, CrystalView, which allows you to enjoy both a refined and beautiful experience! We haven't made a Mini browser for over 2 years and hope this version will make up for the long time.

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Embedded Editions

Embedded V3 changes the whole way of the series, it uses the same fundamental core that was used to create the Dylnet v8, this means it functions the same but with the animation and crystalview removed to maximise performance. Since it uses the 8 series architecture you'll also see much faster speeds and reliability opposed to the older embedded line browsers. 

(DylStore is not included in this browser)




The DylNET Embedded PC Edition V2 brings much more into a compact browser, It has fullscreen support and Website links! We have also made this browser much smaller than it's predecessor!. We have repaired a bug with the ''Hide/Show browser buttons'' and the full screen mode will adjust to your computers display. And yet again this browser works on older and underpowered PC's. No add-ons, and simple to use.

Released 27/03/2015