DylNET's lightest browser ever

We're happy to announce the development of a new browser! Introducing Centarus, a lightweight, simple yet powerful Web Browser.

Centarus will be extremely light and we're aiming it to be compatible will all systems regardless of performance. Centarus could be regarded as the in-direct successor to Dreamsurfer (one of our older Conquest Series browsers).

Centarus offers a beautiful modern transparent and sharp interface, which will be customizable.

Rather than having lots of Menus, instead, Centarus focuses on an AIO experience, meaning less load times, whilst making productivity and user experience much better!


Centarus is also our first browser to utilize a new programming language, the last time changed languages was back in 2014 when we released DylNET V6! So we think it's time to change. This new language allows us to incorporate a much grander aspect of optimization and validation. Again, the focus of Centarus is to be as easy, and fast as possible.

We hope to release Centarus around November-December time! Stay tuned, these are only early progressions for this browser so far!