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A new Karmalita is in the works...

After the release of DylNET 20, we promised we'd upgrade Karmalita, which we're currently doing now! Karmalita is not just receiving an upgrade, it's being rebuilt from the ground up! Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook.  In the meantime, feel free to continue downloading the original version of Karmalita.

The new Karmalita will bring with it many new features such as fully working tabs, darkmode, a completely redesigned style, discord integration, immensely faster speeds and much more! We expect it to exceed DylNET 20 in raw browser performance (similar to how the original version of Karmalita out performed DylNET 10).

Karmalita 3.png

Introducing Karmalita

Karmalita is our best browser yet, from including

a entierly new core, to a much more stable browsing experience. Nothing comes close, well at least from us!

Completely new core

Since 2013, we've been using the same core, and it was time to move on. Karmalita insights an entirely new generation, using the same great technology used in Google Chrome. Karmalita is our fastest and most stable browser yet!


AIO Design

Traditionally our browsers are

spread across multiple Windows for certain elements, we understand this is a pain. Karmalita is our first browser to include everything on a single Window, from the settings, bookmarks, history and a new feature called "Smart Panel", which displays favourite sites and a quick search bar. 

New Tab System

Tab System's have always been a challenge for us as a small company, however, Karmalita brings with it our closest and best attempt to a true tab system! Karmalita automatically stops background process to increase browsing speed and stability. Who said a Chrome based browser had to be a ram eater!


(Well if it runs Windows)

Karmalita will run on anything


Karmalita has been optimised to fit different screen sizes, it is much more efficient at scaling than any of our previous browsers. Karmalita is also very lightweight and is a perfect solution for devices with limited storage and resource

What else does Karmalita have?

  • Entirely new core (our fastest and most stable browser ever)

  • DylWord Quicknote

  • DylStore Integration

  • Improved Tab System

  • AIO Design, everything on one window

  • CrystalView 4

  • Incognito Mode

  • Dynamic Ram Management

  • Developer Tools

  • New Installer, making Karmalita easier to access

  • Customizable Username and Profile Picture

  • Improved Validation and recovery systems in the event of an error

  • Elegant Futuristic Style

  • Redesigned Buttons

Download Karmalita


CPU: An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later
OS: Windows 8 or Windows 10
HDD: 199mb


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