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The Future of DylNET

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Best Browser Yet. This is DylNET 10

DylNET 10 is the biggest leap we've

ever made, and is hugely superior to

the V8. 

Fastest and most optimised.

We've spent many hours to

ensure DylNET 10 works at

it's best all the time, always

Smartest Browser Yet.

DylNET 10 helps you live life easier,

from AI error correction, to making

tasks quicker.

Unimaginably new

Things that DylNET 10 has that the DylNET V8 didn't have:
- Customizable Name and Avatar
- Redesigned Bookmark System and History
- Dynamic Menu System with AIO toolbar
- Tab System that saves website upon closure. 
- Included Sounds and a Vocal Warning System
- Customizable Music in DylStore
- DylWord Integration that is much better than the V8's
- Map Button that loads from selected Search Engine
- Huge Performance Increase with no more lag!
- Animation Included thanks to CrystalView Technology 3.0
- Search Engine Selection Tool that syncs across the entire program
- Improved Privacy Mode
- Thread Optimization
- Redesigned DylStore with a beautiful transparent back.
- Website Favicon Displayer
- Social Media Quicklinks
- Aspect Ratio on Maximising is now improved
- Voice System on certain elements and functions

- DylWord now supports formatting, and advanced functionality

- NamePaste function pastes whatever username is set

- Performs better than any browser by us.

- Advanced Error Prevention, stoping crashing from occurring.

- AI assisted integration, allowing DylNET 10 predict events and help.


... and even more!


Everything, Dynamic

DylNET 10 introduces our 3rd revision of CrystalView Technology. It's our most beautiful version yet offering a huge visual difference and now introducing animation fully into the DylNET family. CrystalView 3.0 is much lighter, meaning lagging is no longer an issue, however whilst it's lighter it's still hugely better than 2.0. CrystalView is what gives our software such an appealing look, it assists with every visual aspect within.

Web Browser, redesigned

We've completely changed the fundamental workings of our traditional idea of a Web Browser. DylNET 10 now includes the most advanced, most appealing, and most stable browser by us. It is our first browser that includes functions such as Tabs and History, we've also changed the workings of the Bookmark system, making it more stable and easier to use. Functions such as NamePaste, will paste whatever username is set an allows you to effortless fill out forms online!

DylWord, reinvented

DylWord has been in the DylNET family since the days of Concordia, it has become a feature we feel is part of us. DylNET 10 takes this further with a hugely more sophisticated approach. DylWord now supports formatting, more tools rather than just a tab with a menu, a much more enjoyable and visually appealing feel. DylWord in DylNET 10 truly defines it's name 

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DylStore, made better

DylStore included in DylNET 10 is much more simple to use, it uses a beautiful glass background with adjustable transparency, which really gives it an enjoyable experience to use. We've added music too to relief boredom, this has been found in previous browsers by us, however with DylNET 10 you can choose what theme you want, or you can simply turn it off. 


Make DylNET 10 Yours

DylNET 10 allows you to select your own username and profile picture,

making your experience yours! Setting a username means you can use NamePaste which is a function that allows you to press a button which will input your name into websites when filling out forms for example, this also works in DylWord! This is our first browser ever to include personalization!

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Download DylNET 10

OS: WINDOWS 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10



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